This project is part of the UK-wide Open Educational Resources (OER) programme, where JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) and the Higher Education Academyare collaborating with the aim of enabling higher education institutions, consortia and individuals to share learning materials freely online as well as explore cultural, technical and pedagogical issues involved in the OER development, discovery and use.

The C-SAP collections project seeks to make available open collections of social sciences research methods by embracing Web 2.0 technology and OER-related, sustainable solutions. The rationale for the project stems from the recognition that there is now a wide range of OER materials available to support social research methods. However, despite advances across the sector, academics and students often have problems locating and accessing good quality, peer-reviewed resources appropriate for their particular needs. The project aims to examine which of the Web 2.0 technologies are best suited to support dissemination of research methods OERs. The overall aim of the project is to explore how staff (and students to some extent) discover, use, and potentially re-adapt online/digital materials in their research methods teaching.


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